"Community Babysitter" Neighborhood Support Child Care Scheme (Yau Tsim Mong)

The Centre provides flexible day child care services for parents in the district due to long hours, shift work, emergency or special needs.

Developmental Groups and Activities

The Centre continues to host a number of developmental and preventive groups and activities to target children's developmental needs and provide opportunities for them to reach their potential. In addition, the center also regularly organizes different interest classes, such as piano classes, taekwondo classes, Cub Scouts, etc., to develop children's interests and abilities in various aspects.

After-school care and enhanced after-school care services

In order to reduce the parenting pressure of parents, we provide after-school care services for students from dual-career families to enhance students’ learning ability and interest. Through various group activities, we can explore students’ talents and strengthen their social skills and self-care skills. ability

Growing Sky Project

Co-organized the "Growing Sky" project with a number of primary schools in the area. The project is mainly composed of three elements, including: competitiveness, belonging and optimism. The goal is to improve students' resilience.

Primary School Comprehensive Counseling Program

The center provides a full range of student counseling services to district primary schools. The resident social worker cooperates with all staff, parents and the community to provide comprehensive and extensive counseling services for students. Services include case counselling services, a variety of student development activities, parent support, and teacher training.

Service Target:

  • Support individuals and families to face and resolve difficulties and crises

  • Improve family members' ability to face adversity

  • Promote positive communication and build harmonious relationships among family members

  • Early support for families in need and prevention of domestic violence

Service Object:

  • Individuals and families in the area

Service Scope:

  • Parent-child relationship

  • Discipline Difficulty

  • Emotional and behavioral problems in children

  • Emotional Distress

  • Marital Relationship

  • Single parent home adaptation

Service Mode:

  • Consultation Service

  • Individual and family case counseling

  • Mutual aid and support groups

  • Therapeutic Group

  • Immediate crisis intervention and assessment

  • Referral Service

  • Community Education

  • Admission Support Service

Children's play tutoring service

Service Target:

  • Express inner feelings, prevent and alleviate emotional and behavioral problems

  • Build self-confidence, enhance sense of competence and problem-solving skills

  • Learn to accept limitations and enhance self-control

Service Object:

  • Children who encounter unrelieved negative emotions and are under heavy pressure in daily life

  • Children who have experienced special accidents (such as witnessing violent incidents), faced family changes (such as parental divorce), parental illness and death of relatives are preferred

Study Room Service

The center has a self-study room to provide a suitable self-study environment for student members in need to study and read. The center is also equipped with Wi-Fi and tablet computer equipment, which can be borrowed by students in need for study purposes in the study room.

Talent Development Services

The center provides opportunities and platforms for young people to develop their potential through multi-media interventions such as dance, music, sports, and art, and promotes the physical and mental health of young people.

Volunteer Development Services

Provide opportunities for young people to understand the needs of the community, connect with local stakeholders and network resources, and encourage them to provide volunteer work for those in need in the community, to give back to the society, and to build an inclusive and caring community.

School Social Work Services

The center has resident social workers in the World Longgang School Lau Wong Fat Middle School and Kowloon San Yuk Middle School, to comprehensively take care of the growth needs of secondary school students and their families, and enhance their ability to handle and solve problems through case counseling, activity support and group intervention.

Admission Support Service

Co-organize different types of groups, activities and lectures with regional secondary schools, such as leadership training, volunteer services, work experience, career planning services, etc., to enhance students' self-understanding, affirm their abilities and give full play to them.

Thematic Lectures and Responses

Organizing support services and seminars in response to community needs. Such as school children's mental health problems, juvenile drug abuse problems, child party and subcultural problems, teenage love and premarital sex, etc.

Employment Support Service (Mong Kok)

The scheme provides comprehensive family-based employment support services for able-bodied unemployed persons aged 15 to 64 who are claiming Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and those with youngest children aged 12 to 14 CSSA single parents and child caregivers (hereinafter collectively referred to as service users) overcome employment barriers and enhance their employability, enabling them to find paid jobs and then achieve self-reliance.

The following are the main areas of employment support services:
  • Provide personal career counseling

  • Organizing events related to job matching

  • Provide post-employment support services

  • Strengthening support for service users through social services

  • Assess the needs of service users to arrange for them to receive other suitable employment support services and consider referring service users to welfare services

  • Information on child care for single parents and child carers on CSSA whose youngest child is between 12 and 14 years old

  • Provision of Temporary Financial Assistance Services to provide timely financial assistance to needy service users to assist them with employment-related expenses during their job search or early stages of employment

The center has an activity service for the elderly. In addition to actively promoting the message of what to do with the elderly, it is also committed to promoting the relationship between young people and the elderly, and promoting the concept of "integration between the elderly and the young".

The center has services for ethnic minorities. To enhance the adaptability of ethnic minorities to Hong Kong culture and life through a variety of support services. In addition, by providing a platform for them to communicate with local people, promote mutual understanding and integration, and jointly build a community of racial integration.

The center has received funding from the Quality Education Fund to implement a project called "Keep Clean, Kids Grin Hygiene Awareness Mobile Teaching Room", and produced a number of teaching videos and worksheets

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The center has a complete professional social work team to provide counseling support to groups and schools in the area when they are in special needs

If you would like to know more about self-care, please call 2392 2133 during the opening hours of the center or contact the social worker Mandy in person.